Fine Dining Catering
While arranging an extensive occasion that includes stimulating a gathering of guests, giving your guest Fine Dining catering is an incredible option. 


​Curated Communion, L.L.C.

More than anything else, the client and their needs are top priority. I will start with a consultation to discuss the details of the service that will be provided.  I pride myself on the high quality of service and food while providing an unforgettable culinary experience.  When inquiring about my services, please understand that each menu is tailored to your specific needs.  As the menu is prepared, I will take into consideration food allergies or any limitations to accommodate your expectations.  Whether you are celebrating or just would like a private dinner Chef Ronald can help make your event more than what you expected.  From intimate dinners to weddings you and your guest will have the perfect celebration.  The type of services that are offered are below. 

Buffet Style Catering
For Buffet Style Catering, our service staff assembles the food on the premises and stays for the duration of the event to serve your guests, monitor the food, and clean up after your party.

Drop-Off Catering
Drop-off catering is a smart solution for any social event.  If it is for a few or a few hundred, your menu will be prepared and delivered to your home, business or on location. 

Full Service Catering 

Full service catering guarantees an expert handles each part of your meal for you, additionally that your guest get the most extreme in scrumptious food, service, and individual consideration.